Dr. Hallman is a licensed psychologist who graduated with a Doctorate
in Clinical Psychology from the University of Texas Southwestern
Medical Center at
Dallas, a program that is renowned  for its thorough
clinical and research training.  Dr. Hallman is an experienced clinician, with
over 15 years experience providing therapy for children, adolescents,
adults, and families.  She currently mentors other mental health
practitioners by leading mental health case conferences and  providing
clinical and reflective supervision.  Dr. Hallman is proficient in providing  
psychological evaluations for children and adults, and she has experience
conducting psychological research.  Dr. Hallman  has taught
undergraduate psychology courses at the
University of Texas at Arlington
and a graduate level psychology course at The University of Texas
Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.  Dr. Hallman provides
workshops and seminars in the community for child care centers and
adoption agencies and is available to speak about a variety of topics.  


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Janet L. Hallman, Ph. D.
Licensed Psychologist
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