Janet L. Hallman, Ph. D.
Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Psychology
Research Experience
Grant Writing, August 2002-June 2005
Vogel Alcove Childcare Center for the Homeless
  •    Participated in the writing of numerous grants for funding for
      social services programs.   Progress reporting, tracking
      expenditures, outcome reporting.

Doctoral Dissertation, 2002, University of Texas Southwestern
Medical Center
  •    “The Usefulness of the Child Health Questionnaire and the
      Nottingham Cochlear Implant Questionnaire for Assessing the
      Quality of Life of Pediatric Cochlear Implant Recipients”

Clinician, 2001-2002, Traumatic Brain Injury Research Project,
Center for Brain Health, The University of Texas at Dallas Callier
  •    Clinical and diagnostic interviews of children with traumatic
      brain injuries

Research Intern, August 2000-August 2002
University of Texas at Dallas Callier Center
  •      Research on outcomes for cochlear implant recipients
  •    Clinician for research involving children with traumatic brain

Grant Writing, August 2000
Callier Center for Communication Disorders
  •    Timberlawn Foundation $15,000
  •    Study examining the role of family stress in compliance with
       cochlear implant aftercare and psychological adjustment.

Master’s Thesis, 1993, Illinois State University
  •      “Evidence of Behavioral Contagion for Men High on the
        Likelihood to Sexually Harass”

Research Assistant, 1990, Illinois State University
  •       Date rape scripts

Research Assistant, 1991, Illinois State University
  •       Context dependent memory
  •      Advisor:  Leah T. Adams


  •     Pryor, J. B., Giedd, J. L., & Williams, K. B. (1995). A social
        psychological model for predicting sexual harassment. Journal
        of Social Issues, 51, 69-84.


Clinical Experience

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