Janet L. Hallman, Ph. D.
Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Psychology
Professional Presentations
The Vogel Alcove, 2004
“Use of the Prescreening Developmental Questionnaire-Second
Revision (PDQ-II)”
  •      Trained childcare workers how to properly complete the PDQ-II
          to screen homeless children for developmental delays.

Housing Crisis Center, 2003
“The Effects of Homelessness on Children”
  •       Provided training for staff of homeless agencies regarding the
          social, psychological, and physical effects of homelessness on

The Vogel Alcove, 2002
“How to Communicate Effectively with  Parents in Crisis”
  •       Presentation for childcare workers regarding how to effectively
          communicate with parents who are in crisis.

Treatment Foster Care, 1998, Dallas MHMR, Dallas, TX
“Therapeutic Interventions for Behavior Disorders”
  •      Training for therapeutic foster care parents regarding childhood
          development, common disorders in very young children who
          have experienced abuse/neglect, and effective intervention

Circle of Caring, 1997, 1998
  •       Multiple presentations for day care providers regarding the
          differentiation of various disorders in childhood, interventions for
          separation anxiety, depression, aggression, and ADHD, the use
          of choices, guidelines for structuring a classroom, and referral
          sources for mental health treatment

Head Start, 1997, Dallas, TX
“Depression in Children”
  •      Continuing education presentation for Head Start teachers
          regarding the common symptoms of depressive disorders in
          young children, effective interventions, and referral sources for
          mental health treatment

Texas Network of Youth Services (TNOYS), 1994
“Teaching Children to Use Paradoxical Prescriptions to Cope with
  •        Presented a workshop on an innovative therapeutic technique

Bauder College, 1994, Arlington, TX
“Stress and Anger Management”
  •       In-service training for staff on stress management, relaxation
          exercises, assertiveness, and anger management

Midwestern Psychological Association Annual Convention, 1994,
Chicago, IL
“The Social Contagion of Sexually Harassing Behavior:  Tailhook
Analogues in the Laboratory.”
  •       Presented results from master’s thesis that support a Person X
          Situation Model of sexual harassment

Adoption Conferences

Provided training for prospective adoptive parents regarding the importance
of early attachment experiences for subsequent functioning.  Provided
information regarding intervention strategies for parents to use to ameliorate
attachment difficulties.

  •       Hope International’s Adoption Education Seminar
          March 31, 2007

  •       A Helping Hand Adoption Agency, International Adoption
          and Orphan Outreach
          January 21, 2006

  •       Hope International’s Adoption Education Seminar
          September 16, 2006

  •       Lake Pointe Church Adoption Conference
          November 4, 2006


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