Janet L. Hallman, Ph. D.
Licensed Psychologist
Clinical Psychology
Consultation, Reflective & Clinical Supervision
Group Consultation (Case Conferences)

  •   Dr. Hallman is available to attend case conferences in which
   mental health and other treatment providers gather to
   discuss cases and explore various treatment options.  Dr.
   Hallman specializes in consultations for agencies who serve
   young children and their families.  She is also available for
   case conferences for adult clients.

Reflective Supervision Groups

  •  Dr. Hallman currently provides reflective supervision
   groups for mental health treatment providers, clinical
   supervisors, and administrative supervisors in various

Individual Reflective Supervision

  •   Dr. Hallman is available for individual reflective supervision
   for mental health treatment providers.  

Clinical Supervision

  •   Dr. Hallman is a licensed clinical psychologist who is available
   to provide clinical supervision for master's level Psychological
   Associates or Provisionally Licensed Psychologists.  

  •      Dr. Hallman is also a Licensed Professional Counselor
    Supervisor, available to supervise and train LPC-Interns who
    are seeking licensure.